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Our global team is dedicated to researching and assessing economic trends, diverse opinions, interesting operating models, and innovative ideas. We also like sharing our own unique observations with our community of investors, partners, and curious minds from around the world. So, whether it is a thorough analysis of global markets or candid behind-the-scenes information about the EastAlliance family, you can find it all here!

EastAlliance Sector Watch: Things To Watch In 2021

By now, you are now familiar with our Sector Watch reports in which we share our thoughts and perspectives on investment news, real estate markets, and the global economy. Considering what we collectively experienced in 2020, there was no shortage ...

EastAlliance Sector Watch: Disruption Can Unlock Opportunity; Lessen Competition Across All Sectors

In previous Sector Watch Reports, we have focused our attention on assessing opportunities and risks in various property types or general observations on what we’ve seen in the marketplace or through our reading and research.  For example, we’ve unpacked our take ...

EastAlliance Sector Watch: Perspective On Designing an Office Investment Strategy in 2021

While the pandemic has created some uncertainty in some property types in the US, interesting patterns, new ideas, and potential opportunities are emerging in others.  As we continue to research the long term effects of the pandemic on the economy ...

EastAlliance Sector Watch: How COVID-19 Is Shaping Opportunities, Risks, and Perceptions in the Office Sector

As we have noted in previous sector watch reports, no area of commercial real estate has not been deeply affected by the global pandemic.  And while we have previously shared our perspective with you on the logistics and the retail ...

EastAlliance Sector Watch: Potential Post COVID Shopping Trends & Their Impact on Retail and Warehouse Space

In a Sector Watch Report we shared earlier this year titled “Shifts in Consumer Behavior and Their Impact on Logistics & Retail Space”, we offered a hypothesis:  If one wanted to understand how the distribution and logistics ...

EastAlliance News: Welcome To Our New Website!

We are happy to announce the long-awaited launch of our recently redesigned website and are even happier to share it with the entire EastAlliance family.  When we made the decision to launch our latest website, we had several goals in ...