About Our Platform

A Global Investment Partner & Advisor

We work with international investors & experienced operating partners

to unlock unique investment opportunities and shape creative capital structures.

Our global platform combines creative investment strategies with reliable & transparent execution.

Our unique platform and diverse global investor base drives our ability to design creative & flexible debt and equity structures for a wide range of investment opportunities. From direct acquisitions; equity recapitalization; co-investment alongside experienced sponsors; and mezzanine debt positions, we are able to shape our strategies to meet investor, client, and partner objectives.

Investment & Asset Management

Customized real estate investment strategies & asset management for diversified global investors and institutions


Creative debt and equity capital for US- based real estate operators with strong management & market-leading domain expertise


A platform of services designed to support international investors & family offices with their strategic initiatives

Our platform & capabilities at a glance

Our platform, capabilities, and investment criteria are as diverse as our client base and tailored to meet our objectives. While each opportunity is unique, the following provides a quick summary of how EastAlliance operates.

How does EastAlliance collaborate with its international investors & clients?

Our investors & clients typically invest in funds we direct that acquire assets directly; invest in real estate focused funds; or, co-invest as mezzanine debt or equity capital alongside experienced sponsors. We also provide asset management & advisory services for institutional investors and family offices looking to expand their US-based holdings or execute on broader strategic initiatives. In select cases, we work with clients & business as a capital markets intermediary.

How does EastAlliance typically co-invest & partner with real estate operators and sponsors?

There are typically two ways we work with our operating partners. We co-invest our funds with well-established sponsors in the LP position, as preferred equity, or in rare cases in a co-GP structure. Our second form of investment comes in the form of traditional mezzanine debt positions. In select markets, we occasionally work with operators to connect them with overseas investors and financiers as a capital markets intermediary.

What are some of EastAlliance's investment criteria?

A as a buyer, equity partner, or mezzanine lender, we consider value-add, new development, and stabilized investment opportunities throughout the US, and seek partnerships with experienced sponsors with targeted domain expertise in any of the following: hospitality, office, multi-tenant retail, student housing, multi-family, and logistics. Investment size will vary and depends largely on the sponsor, location, asset type, and portfolio/market concentration, but total capitalization is typically in the $20 to $50 million range. As an intermediary, we identify and assess opportunities based on the unique criteria set forth by our clients. In almost all cases, our holding period or credit term will be 24 to 60 months, maximum.