EastAlliance Sector Watch: The State of Student Housing

As you know, our Sector Watch Reports are designed to share our observations about relevant investment news, the state of real estate markets, and the global economy.  Most recently, we shared some insights on what we found in the office sector, especially given ...


屹联行业观察旨在分享我们对财经类新闻、房地产市场状况和全球经济等方面的分析与思考。在分享了我们对办公楼领域的见解后,这一期将继续为大家解读目前美国学生公寓板块的发展情况。 虽然新冠疫情在2020年给市场造成了很大的不确定性,但我们依...

EastAlliance Sector Watch: Things To Watch In 2021

By now, you are now familiar with our Sector Watch reports in which we share our thoughts and perspectives on investment news, real estate markets, and the global economy. Considering what we collectively experienced in 2020, there was no shortage ...